The Ongoing Story of the Murphy Centre’s 33 Years of Service

1986: In response to youth whose educational needs were not being met and whose careers were consequently constrained, the Christian Brothers initiated extensive consultations with a broad spectrum of community groups, government departments and agencies. Out of that consultation emerged the concept of the Murphy Centre as a career services provider and a dynamic, alternative learning environment funded as a pilot project in partnership with the Federal Government. 

1986 – 1996: For the first decade of operation, the Christian Brothers provided leadership and invested considerable resources to ensure the continuation of the Murphy Centre initiative. In 1990 the Newfoundland Labrador Provincial Government joined the partnership and has supported numerous Murphy Centre projects. As the Centre evolved into a more complex organization with diversified funding sources and expanded programs and services, it was determined that a new structure and governance model were needed.

1996: The Murphy Centre was re-incorporated as a registered not-for-profit organization with governance provided by a volunteer Board of Directors. In addition to offering a wide ranging alternative learning environment for high school credit and adult basic education learning opportunities, Murphy Centre has become a leader in career and personal development programming in the community. 

1996 – 2020 …and beyond: Murphy Centre has entered into mutually beneficial partnerships, research projects and has, on occasion, endured the vicissitudes of downsizing and loss of staff. In 2019, the Centre established a Development Office to augment the funding of life skills/wellness supports in addition to broadening our academic and career services. The Murphy Centre’s commitment to each person who seeks our help continues to be expressed in the maxim “Renew a Spirit-Inspire a Life”. While Murphy Centre is based in St. John’s and serves mainly the northeast Avalon, initial Development plans are underway to expand the Centre’s footprint across Newfoundland Labrador.