You can apply to one of our three academic programs by filling out and submitting the following application form. To fill out this PDF please download the application to your computer, fill out the sections, hit save, and attach in an email to [email protected]

It is important that you submit your application and any supporting documents as soon as possible to increase the chances that there will be space available for the quickest start date. Supporting documents that are required are listed on the application form. Email supporting documents to [email protected].

Alternatively, you can print off your application and submit by fax to (709) 579-2655 for HSC and ABE applications or (709) 579-8022 for CAEC applications. 

Following your submission, you will be contacted for an interview with the intake coordinator of the program. Most of the interviews for the HSC program occur from June to the end of September and from December to the end of February.  Interviews for the ABE and CAEC programs are ongoing.

Acceptance into the HSC program will be mailed out in June for a September start and in November for a January start. Information on orientation will be included in your acceptance letter.

Acceptance into the ABE or CAEC programs will be communicated following the interview as space becomes available for new participants.  

Start Dates:

Depending on the program that you are applying for, the start date may vary:

Adult Basic Education (ABE) and Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC)

There is continuous intake for ABE and CAEC participants. This means participants can start at any time during a semester providing space is available.  The academic year for these programs is divided into three semesters: fall, winter, and summer.  

High School Credit (HSC) 

There are two semesters, so participants can only start this program at the beginning of each of the semesters—September and January.  Depending on the courses needed, you may not be able to start in the next semester (e.g., public exam courses are only offered from January to June).