Adult Basic Education (ABE)

The Adult Basic Education (ABE) program is a Newfoundland and Labrador provincial program for adults to achieve a high school equivalency diploma, or to upgrade specific subject areas to meet entrance requirements to post-secondary programs.   

The ABE program is composed of three levels:

  • Level I:  Basic literacy (K-6)
  • Level II: Equivalent to grades 7-9
  • Level III: Corresponds to grades 10-12

The Murphy Centre offers Level II and Level III ABE at our Prince Philip Drive location.  However, if it is determined that an applicant needs to complete Level I, the Murphy Centre will refer to an organization who offers it.

There are three profiles offered in Level III ABE, depending on the individual’s post secondary goals:

  • Degree and Technical Profile:  This profile corresponds to the academic high school credit program.  It is intended for participants planning to attend University or other post secondary programs which require an academic graduation.
  • Business-Related College Profile: This profile is for participants who plan to attend a business related college program.  With the exception of science, all courses completed are academic.
  • General College Profile: This profile corresponds to the general high school credit program and is intended for participants who plan to enter programs which require this profile.

As per guidelines developed by the Department of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills in Newfoundland and Labrador, to complete Level II/ III ABE: 

  • Applicants must be 19 years old and residents of Canada. (This includes permanent residents, landed immigrants or persons with refugee status.)
  • Applicants may be given special permission to enrol if they are 18, have been out of school for six months and extenuating circumstances prevent them from attending the K-12 system. The Murphy Centre can provide a copy of the application for special permission or it may be found here. The application must be submitted to the Department of IPGS.
  • Applicants younger than 18 will not be considered for the ABE program.

ABE is a funded program. To check if you are eligible for funding, or if you have further questions about ABE, please contact our academic outreach coordinator (Sondria) at 709-753-2830 or by email: [email protected] or call our intake coordinator (Trudy) at 709-579-6606 or email

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