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TechPrep is a Technology Education Program offered by the Murphy Centre that is designed to:

  • Recruit participants from diverse communities
  • Provide participants with introductory technology training
  • Assist participants in exploring post-secondary education and employment opportunities in the tech sector
  • Provide participants with the opportunity to complete an optional 5-week Paid Work Placement

Who is TechPrep for?
TechPrep is designed to assist individuals who may be unemployed or under-employed by providing them with a baseline technology education to help them learn about the local tech sector/career paths and prepare them for future post-secondary training or employment.

Admission Requirements
Anyone who is unemployed or under-employed and available to complete the training and optional 5-week paid work placement are welcome to apply. Participants do not need to be graduates of secondary or post-secondary studies. Admission is also open to post-secondary graduates who are unemployed or under-employed.

Wait List
The first cohort will begin in Spring 2023. If you would like to be considered to be a participant of the TechPrep Program, please complete this short form to be added to our wait list.

Advisory Committee
An Advisory Committee consisting of experts in the area of technology from the sector will provide high level oversight and direction for the TechPrep program. Providing feedback on what gaps currently exist in the workforce and insight into desired training topics.

Join the Advisory Committee
Please click here for more information or to complete an application to join the committee.

Our Funders
TechPrep is funded by contributions from the following partners:

  • Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
  • Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Dept. of Education
  • Hewitt Foundation
  • Webster Foundation
  • Verafin

Have a question? Want to learn more? Get in touch!

Jeff Hillyard
Program Coordinator – TechPrep
[email protected]