Development @ MC Ed. 4 – January 2021

2020 Honorary Patrons Conclude Tenure

It is with heartfelt gratitude that the Murphy Centre recognizes the significant contributions of both Nora Duke, Exec. VP Fortis Inc. and Sheila Williams, acclaimed NL Entertainer, as Honorary Patrons during the inaugural year of our Development Initiative. Neither Snowmageddon nor Covid 19 could dampen their willingness to lend their influence to an organization they each strongly believe in. Thank you so much!


.. to YOU, our newest donors, who affirmed for us that the message and work of the Murphy Centre resonates in the hearts of the general public and within the corporate sector. We were hesitant to state a financial target but we did have a $20,000 figure in mind. You have helped us break through that threshold to realize a final tally of $21,000.

We do not take your trust in the Murphy Centre programs and message for granted and will maintain contact by way of our Development @ MC quarterly newsletter.


Nalcor Energy used the Inspiring Lives Annual Appeal to contribute $5000 to the Murphy Centre. We are most grateful for this generous gift.

TPG: The Production Group partners with Murphy Centre

Rob Dawe and The Production Group worked tirelessly to assist us in the video preparation for our November 04/20 Virtual Launch of the Inspiring Lives Annual Appeal. The “in kind” gift of time and services added greatly to the effort.

Thomas J. Power Financial…

successfully challenges business partners to support the Murphy Centre Inspiring Lives Annual Appeal. This initiative helped us prepare our virtual launch video as well as 8 – 15 sec. promo videos.

Thanks Tom!

All assistance gratefully accepted..

The Development Coordinators acknowledge the stellar contribution to our Inspiring Lives Annual Appeal by the following persons:

• Mayor Danny Breen who served as our guest narrator.

• Murphy Centre staff members Tiffany Roberts, Natasha Luby and, Corey Follett who shared their passion and expertise.

• Former Murphy Centre participants Lori Alexander, Guy Hayman, and Emily Corcoran who shared eloquently about their interactions with the Murphy Centre.

Your voices and presence brought life to the production. Thank You!

The Year Ahead…

2021 lies ahead with challenges and opportunities. As a not for profit organization working in the areas of Education and Career Services, the Murphy Centre has identified 3 new areas requiring funding to better meet the needs of current and future participants:

1. Helping our participants access and navigate the Technology Boom happening in our Province.

2. Expanding our footprint via technology to assist more Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to access services remotely.

3. Providing entrepreneurial training to participants in the Arts and across a wide swath of passions and interests.

Stay tuned for future developments!