Development @ MC Ed. 5 – April 2021

S.O.A.R. 1 of 64 projects funded by the Govt. of Canada’s Future Skills Centre Murphy Centre Inc. in partnership with ABTEC Colleges, Trades NL, The Construction Association of Newfoundland & Labrador and C.O.N.A. is pleased to introduce a program focusing on the Skilled Trades Sector. S.O.A.R. will offer 3 streams of service:

1. A cohort of Murphy Centre participants will explore training offered in the Skilled Trades Sector; 2. Students currently in Skilled Trades Training but who may require academic /personal development upgrading; 3. Young Skilled Trades employees who require academic/personal development upgrading.

We anticipate a Fall 2021 start. More details to follow.

Program Focus

What your donation supports…

Our website Donation page lists several funding options for donors. Here is what you should know.

Readiness Program: Students arrive at our doors at many stages of learning. Many have experienced learning gaps, learning disabilities and anxiety. This program provides individual /small group coaching using assistive technologies such as voice to print to address needs and get individuals ready for regular classroom interaction. This year close to 60 persons received this service.

Digital Learning: COVID 19 pointed out a significant challenge for us. Many of our participants did not have mobile devices or internet access. This posed a big obstacle to learning and heightened isolation. Gifts from foundations and corporations helped us make the first step in addressing this concern. As we explore relevant ways to provide a greater online presence for instruction and coaching the technology required will necessitate monetary resources to meet the challenge.

Annual Appeal: Our 2020 Annual Appeal was quite successful as a first time effort. We are most grateful to all who contributed. Funds from this Appeal enable the Centre to address new and unexpected concerns as they present. A portion of the fund may be used to supplement a program where we have not yet reached our target.

Giving Potential: Have you considered…

Honor Donations: to celebrate occasions like birthdays or Christmas?

In Memoriam Donations: to remember a loved one or friend?

Monthly donations: These enhance our potential exponentially. The amount could be as low as $25 monthly!

Legacy Gifts: Perhaps you might consider a planned Legacy gift to extend your positive influence into the future!

Contact Derrick or Tony for details.

A Challenge:

The Murphy Centre message is gaining traction in the metro area and beyond. The majority of this growth comes from donor to donor conversation. When we return to a more normal life, would you entertain the idea of hosting an Inspiring Lives Morning Coffee with a small group of individuals? Derrick or Tony will be happy to share more of the Murphy Centre story. Call to get your name on the list for when health regulations will permit this type of gathering.

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We acknowledge with Gratitude gifts to the Readiness Program from:

  • BDO Canada Limited
  • Community Foundations of Canada

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