Development @ MC Edition 3 – October 2020

Recent Gift:

Since our last edition of Development @ MC, we have received a gift from the R. Howard Webster Foundation to support our COVID 19 response in Technology. This initiative, across both the Academic and Career Services sites, enables participants to access portable electronic devices and /or connectivity in order to achieve their goals. We are most grateful to this Foundation for their generosity and belief in our work. It is most encouraging to hear heartwarming accounts of the tangible good this initiative is bringing about in the lives of our participants.

Temporary Position Funded by Service Canada:

On September 22, 2020, Hannah Grace was hired as a temporary intern with the Murphy Centre Development Office. Hannah joined the Development Team in its preparations for the November 4th virtual launch of the “Inspiring Lives” Annual Appeal. Her research and attention to detail has proven to be of invaluable assistance. Hannah has encountered and experienced many aspects of work within Development and has demonstrated her competencies and commitment to excellence. She will conclude her term with us on November 13 and we wish her continued growth and success in her future career path.

Inspiring Lives 1st Annual Appeal:

As a result of COVID 19, the approach to this appeal required a pivoting into the virtual world. Invited guests are in the process of ‘saving’ their seats for our November 04, 2020 15 minute virtual launch scheduled over Zoom from 11 a.m. to 11:15a.m.

Partnerships have been developed with Thomas J. Power Financial and The Production Group to prepare a professional pre-taped presentation for use throughout the Appeal period. Working with Tom Power as well as Rob Dawe and Ray Penton has been a delight! It is amazing that even in these

challenging financial times agencies such as these are willing to do what they can to address the needs of the larger community. Thank you gentlemen!

This 15 minute production may not sound like an extensive initiative however that would not be a correct assumption. Over 3 hours of video tape has been garnered to provide appropriate content for this venture.

 As a lead-up to the November 4 virtual launch, we have produced eight 15-second video clips. There is a schedule to post each of these clips on Facebook and Instagram with a view to increasing awareness of the Murphy Centre. These clips have also been added to our You Tube channel and can be accessed through our website.

An added feature is a $200 gift card incentive when a person responds to the invitation to ‘Show you care with a like and a share!’ posted on Instagram and Facebook. The goal here is to reach a younger demographic, engage them in a meaningful activity and, expand our organizational reach. We thank Corey Follett and Hannah Grace for their assistance with the social media component of this initiative.

We have also produced a 7 minute video which will serve as the actual launch at 11:00 a.m. on November 04, 2020. The video is hosted by St. John’s Mayor, Danny Breen and includes testimonials from Honorary Patrons, Nora Duke and Sheila Williams. Murphy Centre staff and past participants also share some of their experiences. We are grateful to all who gave of their time, skill, and passion to make this video initiative a reality.

It is our hope that the presentation of this virtual launch will create greater community awareness of the important work we undertake here at the Murphy Centre and be motivated to financially support us by accessing the Donate page on our website.

City of St. John’s:

At the weekly meeting of the St. John’s City Council, held on November 02, 2020, Mayor Danny Breen proclaimed the period of November 04, 2020 to December 11, 2020 as “the Murphy Centre’s first virtual ‘Inspiring Lives Annual Appeal’ in the City of St. John’s.” We thank City Council and the Mayor for their interest in our work.

Upcoming media presence:

The Development Office at the Murphy Centre is mandated to engender a wider awareness of the work of the Centre within the community and province and to explore alternate means of funding for the work we undertake.

As part of this ‘awareness ‘ building process we will have opportunity over the coming weeks to share more of our story and impact with the general public through time provided by both VOCM 590 and CBC Radio.

On November 02, 2020 the Murphy Centre is scheduled to be featured with host Linda Swain on On Target St. John’s from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m.

On November 05, 2020 we are booked for an interview with the CBC Radio St. John’s Morning Show with hosts Krissy Holmes and Ramraajh Sharrendiran.

Final Word:

Please spread the word of the work of the Murphy Centre and encourage those who are able, to consider a donation to our Inspiring Lives 1st Annual Appeal which runs from November 04 – December 11, 2020. We invite you to consider a Christmas/Holiday gift to the Murphy Centre on behalf of persons on your gift list. You might also consider an in memoriam gift to remember a special person.

Until our next edition of Development @ MC we wish you all that is good!