How long will it take me to complete the Adult Education program (ABE)?

The ABE programs consist of three levels, and completion times vary by program. The Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour (AESL) recommends the following completion guidelines:

Level I – Basic Literacy and Numeracy Skills

  • completion within one year of enrollment
  • not everyone will need to complete this level
  • The Murphy Centre does not offer level I, but can refer you to another organization

Level II – Transitional Skills similar to grades 7-9

  • completion within 6-10 months after enrollment
  • many students complete faster
  • not everyone will need to complete this level.

Level III – corresponds to grades 10-12

  • requires the completion of a minimum of 36 credits in order to graduate
  • graduation provides a high school equivalency
  • completion of 36 credits takes a[approximately 72 weeks
  • on average, one course should be completed every two weeks
  • credits you received in high school are transferred to the ABE program

ABE completion time depends on how many high school credits you received