“Murphy Centre Offers Education, Career Development” by Kaitlynn Nordal

Thank you to Kaitlynn Nordal from The Central Wire for taking the time to interview ACCESS to Learning’s Provincial Program Coordinator, Claire Hutchings and our Gander-based instructor Diane Vey-Morawski*. The article “Murphy Centre Offers Education, Career Development” can be found here.

The article is an essential tool for public education as it did a fantastic job covering our locations and partnerships. Last but not least, it comes when the program is undergoing a name change! ACCESS to Learning was previously known as “The Literacy Program” and will continue to address the diverse learning needs of adults ages 19.

Instructor Diane Vey-Morawski sits next to student at the ACCESS to Learning office in Gander.
Tracy Flynn and Diane Vey-Morawski working in the Murphy Centre’s Gander Office. Photo Credit: Kaitlynn Nordal, The Central Wire.

In addition to foundational literacy, numeracy, digital literacy, and life skill sessions on topics such as “Understanding Online Scams,” “Introduction to Photography,” “Introduction to Zoom,” and “Stress Management” are offered for free. If you are interested in learning more about our ACCESS to Literacy sites or sessions, please click the links below:

ACCESS to Learning Homepage

ACCESS to Learning, Remote Sessions

ACCESS to Learning, Gander Sessions

ACCESS to Learning, Corner Brook Sessions

ACCESS to Learning, Happy Valley-Goose Bay Sessions

*We would like to note that the article had a misprint in one area of the article. Diane is one of our excellent Gander instructors. Her last name is spelled “Vey-Morawski.” Diane is one of two leaders at our Gander location and works alongside Jennifer Hierlihy. We thank them for their hard work and dedication to ACCCESS to Learning.